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Femoral head compression test PI-14 / ISO 7206-10

Normative References  

ISO 7206-10: Implants for surgery – Partial and total hip-joint prostheses – Part 10: Determination of resistance to static load of modular femoral heads

ASTM F2345: Standard test methods for determination of static and cyclic fatigue strength of ceramic modular femoral heads

PI-14: Compression Test Hip Ball static/dynamic  

The modular connection between the ball and the stem of a hip endoprostheses is loaded until failure. The ball is placed on a conical bore with a copper ring to ensure an even load distribution. Fatigue testing of ceramic head systems is also available at EndoLab® in an internal procedure PI-14 and meets the requirements given by ASTM F2345 as well as FDA guidance documents.
Pull-off testing according to ASTM F2009 and ISO 7206-10 is possible and described in Ball Pull-off tests ASTM F2009.  

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