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The EndoLab® Spine Simulator

EndoLab® started wear testing of spinal disc implants in 2001. Based on this experience, a spinal disc simulator has been developed and continuously improved.

The latest model type C6/2-04 offers six wear stations plus two reference stations. All motions and loads a computer generated and can be defined by the user.


Routine tests are performed according to ISO 18192-1.

Individual load blocks, simulating different in-vivo activities can be combined by the user. Different types of implants (cervical, lumbar) as well as testing of hip implants (optional) is covered by type C6/2-04.

Reduced set-up time has been achieved by a build-in controller panel. An external computer connected to the system selects displays and records the machine and station parameters.

Please contact us for further information: mail@endolab.org or download our data sheet [1.8 MB PDF].

Spine-Simulator - Implant Test Station Spine-Simulator - ISO/CD 18192

EndoLab® Knee simulator
according to ISO14243-1


EndoLab® Spine simulator
according to ISO/FDIS 18192-1


EndoLab® Hip simulator
according to ISO 14242-1

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