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The EndoLab® Knee Simulator

Since 1999, EndoLab® performs wear testing of knee implants using a simulator according to ISO14243-1. Designed as a prototype, the machine has been continuously optimized and additional features have been added.

The latest version type 3/1-02 is based on four independent servo hydraulic controllers. EndoLab® favors servo hydraulics instead of pneumatics to enable precise and reproducible test conditions all over the test period. For sure, servo hydraulics requires high quality mechanical and electronic components.

All major functions of the simulator can be reached using the SPS control panel directly at the machine frame. Machine set-up is easy to perform using that panel. More complex functions required for the test itself can be adjusted using the EndoLab® software programmed under LabView®.


The simulator has four test stations. One of the test stations can be optionally used as a reference station. The test chambers are individually sealed and can be removed from the simulator without opening. Temperature of the test fluid is individually controlled to achieve the tolerances given by ISO 14243-1.

All test stations are equipped with sensors to ensure that the correct temperature and fluid level is maintained. Machine shutdown is automatically performed at user defined limit levels.

Besides the force and flexion functions given by ISO 14243-1, the ap-translation as well as the rotation of the components can be visualized in real time. All test data is stored to hard disc at user defined intervals. The data can be imported using spread sheet calculation programs (Excel®).

Besides routine tests according to ISO 14243-1, type 3/1-02 enables the definition of free implant loading curves. Up to 16 independent blocks can be user defined and stored to the controller using the EndoLab® software. The sequence as well as the duration of the blocks can be defined by the user to enable complex loading of the components.

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Knee-Simulator - Joint wear test station Knee-Simulator - ISO 14243-1

EndoLab® Knee simulator
according to ISO14243-1


EndoLab® Spine simulator
according to ISO/FDIS 18192-1


EndoLab® Hip simulator
according to ISO 14242-1