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Plate fretting ASTM F897

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ASTM F897: Standard Test Method for Measuring Fretting Corrosion of Osteosynthesis Plates and Screws.

This test method provides a screening test for determining the amount of metal loss from plates and screws used for osteosynthesis (internal fixation of broken bones) due to fretting corrosion in the contact area between the screw head and the plate hole countersink area. The implants are used in the form they would be used clinically. The machine described generates a relative motion between plates and screws which simulates one type of motion pattern that can occur when these devices are used clinically.
A total of n=5 plates are tested up to 1 million cycles. The total amount of weight loss is measured. EndoLab® has modified the test method to achieve a more reproducible axial compression of the screws.  

Implant Testing - Plate fretting ASTM F897 Plate fretting test